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1. List your car

Apply for FlightCar Monthly at any of our locations using the form below. It’s free and easy! Just commit your car for a minimum of 30 days. We'll come to your home and pick up your car, or you can drop it off right at our location.

2. Get Cash

We'll even mail you a check for your guaranteed earnings upfront. You’ll receive $200-$500 per month depending on make/model, whether your car is rented or not.

3. Sit back and relax

Don’t worry about street cleaning or paying for garage parking ever again. FlightCar members must be approved to rent your car, and it’s all covered by our $1,000,000 insurance policy. You can access your car (or an equivalent vehicle if yours is out) for 4 days per month. Remain enrolled in Monthly parking for as long as you like.

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How much will you make?

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Please note that the rates for manual transmission vehicles and ultracompact vehicles (like the smart fortwo) are lower – contact us for details.

What about maintenance?

We love taking care of members' cars! Cars listed for three months or more may require basic maintenance during their time with us, and we'll take care of that for FREE. Your car's scheduled oil change, wiper maintenance, and tire rotation is on us!

What about mileage?

We limit mileage to 1,800 miles/month. In the rare event that a renter exceeds the mileage allowance, we will compensate you $0.40/mi for every mile over at the end of your listing.

What about insurance?

We provide $1 million in liability coverage, free of charge. We'll cover collision and theft, with no deductible. Any mechanical damage that's a result of abuse by the renter is also fully covered. Don't worry, we run on (car)ma! You can read more about our coverage here.

What if I need a car?

You can access your car (or an equivalent vehicle, if yours is out on a rental) for 4 days/month. We'll guarantee you a car with one hour's notice. Simply come to the nearest public transit hub or airport, and we'll pick you up in a town car and bring you to our location.

Or, if you'd rather we deliver the vehicle to you, we'll bring it right to your home (within a 1 hour radius of our location) with 24 hours' notice. Please note that for every delivery or pickup, we'll deduct $50 from your monthly earnings.

Still have questions?

Visit our Support Portal or email us at

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Everyone's Talking About Flightcar

Obsessed with @FlightCar – incredible idea, flawless execution & customer service (even on the busiest travel day of the year).
Ashley L. – SFO Car Owner
Love the rates; straightforward, no hidden fees. On a cold Boston night, the rental was running with the heat on waiting for me.
Jean D. – Boston Renter
Fast seamless experience - with ridiculous prices. Keep it up and I might sell my car and just rent from FlightCar.
Juan D. – LA Renter
I felt safer having the car rented than in a lot somewhere. I will suggest this service to all my friends from now on.
William C. – Boston Car Owner
Had a FANTASTIC experience - everyone was great, the process was great, and I actually got on the road in a good mood (coming off a red-eye and heading into Boston traffic).
Dana S. – Boston Renter
I can’t believe we parked our car for over a week for FREE and came back to a warm limo at the airport and a clean car ready to go. Really? An amazing experience.
Art V. – Boston Car Owner
Car was super clean and web experience was very easy. Free airport parking is a great deal and I was pleasantly surprised to get a $30 check.
Andy S. – SFO Car Owner
Don't worry. You're covered up to $1,000,000.
For every listing
We take plenty of photos right after you drop off your car (on average, twenty-five photos, of the interior and exterior). Your vehicle's condition is thoroughly documented, and in the rare event there is damage, it is fully covered. Any mechanical damage caused by the renter is also covered. We've got your back.
We screen renters based on their driving histories. You can read more about our renter eligibility criteria here. We're committed to ensuring only the safest of drivers get behind your wheel. We also maintain the industry-standard security requirements, and we check drivers' licenses with UV and require credit card holds.
For more information, please check out Frequently Asked Questions.