FlightCar Overview of Insurance

Last Updated: October 27, 2015

This Overview of Insurance and Protection (“Overview”) is a document intended to describe, in limited detail, the insurance and protection guarantees offered to users of the Service (collectively, the “FlightCar Insurance”). This Overview, however, is in no way legally binding and as with any insurance policy or limited protection/waiver, a variety of terms, exceptions and conditions apply. Please email us at support@flightcar.com if you have any questions or would like additional information or detail.

Please note that the FlightCar Insurance can be modified at any time, without notice. However, the terms of the FlightCar Insurance that were prevalent at the time of a Booking or Listing will continue to apply to that Booking or Listing, including any subsequent changes, despite any changes to the terms affecting new Bookings or Listings, unless said change in coverage is due to any event outside of FlightCar’s control.

Coverage varies between renters and owners, especially in the limits provided. In general, what this means is that renters are responsible for costs or expenses beyond the limits of their own insurance or the FlightCar Insurance (and in aggregate, if applicable).

For information on damage and claim processing, please see our Damage and Incident Procedures page.

For Owners

FlightCar knows your vehicle is an important asset. For that reason, we always endeavor to do our very best to solve a situation to your utmost satisfaction. We provide a variety of insurance coverage and first party protection for your vehicle while it is in our possession and on rental – all of this insurance has a $0 deductible. All of this protection is primary, which means your personal insurance should never be involved. For more information about this, please see our FAQ.


LIABILITY: FlightCar provides a primary $1,000,000 single limit per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage to third parties. This coverage is useful in case a renter causes damage to other people or their property and will protect you in case of any claims against you.

THEFT OR NATURAL DISASTER: FlightCar provides you with theft and natural disaster protection for the entire value of your vehicle – this includes flood, fire, earthquake, and tornado coverage but does not include disasters classified as Acts of God or acts of terrorism, war, or other violence. In the event your vehicle cannot be recovered within a reasonable timeframe, you will be reimbursed for the vehicle's value as reasonably determined by FlightCar, its adjusters, or its insurers. On request, we will provide you with a loaner vehicle at no charge while the investigation and claims are being processed, if available. This coverage applies only while a vehicle is on an approved and active rental.

COLLISION AND COMPREHENSIVE: The entire value of your vehicle is covered in case that two or more vehicles hit each other, or when a single vehicle hits an object. Your vehicle is also covered in case of other damage that is not a collision, while the vehicle is on a rental or being driven a FlightCar employee – this includes vandalism. In the event it is practical for FlightCar to repair the vehicle prior to your return, you authorize us to do so, using solely quality licensed establishments. FlightCar will cover the cost of professionally repairing your vehicle to its original condition, or, in the event of total loss, up to the vehicle’s cash value.

MECHANICAL DAMAGE: FlightCar will reimburse you of the complete repair cost for any expenses and incurred as a result of this poor or negligent driving by the renter, or if the vehicle is abused or otherwise driven beyond its normal operating capabilities. Final determination of cause will be made by FlightCar.

Coverage we don't provide:

WEAR AND TEAR: Usage of a car naturally includes wear and tear. FlightCar does not cover normal wear and tear on a vehicle. Wear and tear includes small dents, nicks, scratches, scuffs, or scrapes of 3 inches or less (on the exterior and interior), in addition to wear on brakes, suspension, and your engine.

ROUTINE MECHANICAL FAILURES: When you drop off your vehicle with FlightCar at our designated location, you warrant that the car is free from mechanical issues and is maintained according to manufacturer specifications. Should a mechanical issue arise during a rental that is caused by routine driving, use, and operation of the vehicle, or poor maintenance, FlightCar will return the vehicle to the location that it was dropped off at. However, it is then the owner’s responsibility to repair the vehicle. In the event that a site repair or fix is more economical than towing the vehicle, you authorize us to perform such a repair, and you will be expected to reimburse FlightCar for the cost of the repair or fix.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: FlightCar cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings left in the car. It is your responsibility to protect your valuables. This also applies if we remove items from your vehicle prior to any rental.

ON OUR LOT: As with any parking lot, FlightCar does not provide insurance coverage in the case that your vehicle is damaged from weather, any natural disaster, Act of God, act of terrorism, war, or violence, or any other occurrence reasonably outside of FlightCar’s control, while the vehicle not on rental.

DEPRECIATION / LOST VALUE: FlightCar does not insure against lost value or depreciation to your vehicle in case it is involved in an accident or otherwise sustains damage.

For Renters

FlightCar provides industry leading protection and coverage for you with every rental, included free of charge. We may also have additional coverage for sale which will decrease your potential liability in the event that an unforeseen event occurs. Please note that any included/complimentary coverage is secondary, excess coverage. Any add-on protection that we sell is primary. This means that if you have a personal auto policy or a credit card that provides auto insurance as a benefit, your personal coverage will be primary (except where prohibited by state law), unless you purchase add-on coverage from FlightCar.

In the event that an accident or collision occurs when an additional Authorized Driver is operating the vehicle, claims must be filed with the personal auto insurance providers of both parties (if applicable). The primary provider will be determined by the insurance carriers, depending on the exact wording of the respective policies. In any case, the primary renter is always ultimately responsible for any accident or incident that occurs while a vehicle is on rent to them.

We recommend you speak to your personal auto policy provider (if applicable) and your credit card issuer (if applicable) to determine their coverage when you are renting with FlightCar, in order to determine what additional insurance coverage you may need.

Coverage we Provide

LIABILITY: FlightCar provides a secondary, supplementary, $1,000,000 single limit per occurrence, in addition to the value of the vehicle, covering personal liability for the Renter or another driver, if that driver was declared to and approved by FlightCar in advance of the rental period as an Additional Driver. This is in excess of any coverage the Renter already has.

UM+UIM / UNINSURED AND UNDERINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE: We provide the statutory minimum coverage (or none where allowable as dictated by laws of the state where the vehicle is registered). This coverage generally goes into effect when the Renter is injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver, and the driver is unable to pay for the damages caused.

PIP / PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION / FIRST PARTY BENEFIT / NO-FAULT: We provide the statutory minimum coverage as dictated by laws of the state where the vehicle is registered. This coverage generally covers medical expenses for the driver, passengers, and sometimes even to pedestrians.

NATURAL DISASTER: FlightCar provides protection in the case that the vehicle is damaged by a natural disaster - this includes flood, fire, earthquake, and tornado coverage but does not include disasters classified as Acts of God or acts of terrorism, war, or violence. This does not include fire (or similar) damage caused by abuse of the vehicle.

PRE-EXISTING MECHANICAL FAULTS: If a significant mechanical issue arises with the Vehicle during the rental, you must stop driving immediately and inform FlightCar, who will instruct you how to proceed. This will help ensure no additional damage is caused to the car as a result of a normal or routine mechanical failure. If a fault is diagnosed to be pre-existing or unavoidable through normal and routine operation of the vehicle, FlightCar will cover all authorized expenses directly related to towing, repair, and providing alternate/ replacement vehicles.

Coverage you may purchase:

COLLISION AND COMPREHENSIVE: FlightCar does not provide any free collision or comprehensive coverage in your base rental price. This means that you are 100% responsible for any damage to any vehicle that you rent (depending on your personal auto coverage, you may sometimes claim this from your insurance company, your credit card company, or the at-fault driver’s insurance company if you are not at-fault). You are held responsible for damage or personal property or bodily injury claim occurring during the rental regardless of the cause or fault, including, but not limited to, collision, rollover, theft, vandalism, seizure, Acts of God, acts of terrorism, war, or violence, and will be responsible for the entire loss amount.

We do, however, sell, a damage waiver in two packages.

The “Plus” package reduces your liability for collision and comprehensive claims to a maximum of $2,500 – which means that the most you will pay out-of-pocket for any damage is $2,500 (in addition to any deductible with your own insurance, should you choose to use it as primary coverage). This package also covers all FlightCar authorized towing expenses related to a collision and comprehensive claim. FlightCar is not obligated to provide you with an alternate vehicle for the remainder of your reservation.

The “Premium” package includes the benefits of the “Plus” package except your maximum liability is reduced to $500.

Please note that depending on market conditions, the Plus or Premium packages may be required add-ons to your rental. These will be disclosed during the rental booking process. Usually, the Premium package is required for all renters from outside of the US and Canada, as well as young drivers without their own insurance.

TOWING AND ALTERNATE VEHICLES: Except if purchased in one of the above packages, towing costs are not automatically covered by FlightCar, including if the vehicle is damaged or destroyed in an accident or incident (they may, however, be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance). We also do not provide free replacement vehicles if yours is no longer in usable condition..

Coverage we don't provide:

THEFT, VANDALISM AND EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS: Unfortunately, we are unable to insure rentals against theft of the vehicle itself or any belongings you have inside of the vehicle, from vandalism such as graffiti or broken windows, or from Acts of God, acts of terrorism, war, or violence. Please note that without your own insurance coverage you may be responsible for the full replacement cost of the vehicle.

MEDICAL PAYMENTS / PAIN AND SUFFERING COVERAGE: FlightCar does not offer any additional coverage for medical payments or for any pain and suffering claims that may not be otherwise covered. Please check with your own personal insurance. FlightCar strongly recommends you maintain adequate personal health insurance.

EXCESS WEAR AND TEAR: You are responsible for excessive wear and tear on a vehicle, as determined by FlightCar. If we determine you have caused excessive wear or damage due to abuse or neglect, you may be subject to penalties up to and including the entire repair cost of the damage caused. FlightCar will evaluate all claims of wear and abuse on a case by case basis.

MECHANICAL DAMAGE: If you abuse a vehicle, operate it outside of its operational capabilities or limits, or fail to report pre-existing damage immediately and cause additional damage as a result, you will be held liable for all of the damage and repair costs, in addition to any costs incurred by FlightCar for towing, providing alternate/ replacement vehicles, compensation, and any other expenses.

These things can void your insurance coverage:

PROHIBITED USES: If FlightCar finds that the Renter has violated the FlightCar Terms of Service and/or Renter Terms and Requirements, the insurance coverage may not apply or may drop to state mandated minimum liability limits and the Renter may be held responsible for any claim, including, but not limited to, damage, personal property, or bodily injury. Violating any part of these documents may waive your entire right to insurance coverage or any other protection, whether complimentary or purchased.

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS: You MUST follow the procedures for additional drivers as laid out in the Terms of Service. You will not be able to add additional drivers after the beginning of the rental period. In the event of an accident, approved additional drivers have the same FlightCar Insurance as the Renter – however, please note, personal coverage may be different. As the Renter, you are ultimately held responsible for the vehicle. If the vehicle is involved in an incident when an undeclared/unapproved driver is operating the vehicle, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE FLIGHTCAR INSURANCE COVERAGE AND WILL PERSONALLY BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DAMAGES, LIABILITY, AND CLAIMS.

MISREPRESENTATION: If a renter or Additional Driver (if applicable) fails to file a claim with their own insurance company (if applicable) for any reason or otherwise misrepresents their personal auto coverage or the availability of personal auto coverage to FlightCar, this constitutes fraud and the FlightCar insurance coverage is automatically void and does not apply.